Patient Behavioral Therapy Case Study

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When observing the first video, the initial reaction that I noticed, was the client being extremely nervous and anxious about sharing her feelings. The patient shared that she was angry, frustrated and as a result she was having chest pains. During the session, the patient keep using the word “it” to describe her emotions and the therapist suggested she use “I” when referring to her emotions and concerns. One of the interesting things about this session was the ability to incorporate the “Here and now” and the “empty chair technique” in this case the client was focusing on the importance of her agreement with her ex-husband in regards to the children. In this case having the client reverse roles allowed the client to realize that although her ex-husband was not spending enough time with the children, his love and care for them was still the same. The…show more content…
The therapist is trying to determine different methods and approaching the client with cautious, while incorporating sarcasm and humor to attain a positive results. In this case, the therapist continuously used the “here and now” interactions, his purpose was to ensure that the patient was continuously challenged, and humored. In the end, the therapist was empathetic to the patient’s reluctance in therapy. In conclusion, I have gained a lot of knowledge in regards to the “Here and now” as well as the “empty chair technique”. I found the empty chair technique to be a very cool and facilitating method. I feel that this technique brings the client into present experiences. The client will then be able to experience different aspects of their own conflicts by role playing this empty chair dialogue. I would definitely use this technique with my patients. I strongly feel that any approach that offers a new perspective to the client is a wonderful approach to
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