Care Delivery Model

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The purpose of this paper will be first to identify a new model for nursing care delivery that will ensure improvement in both the quality and economic outcomes for our organization. Secondly, I will articulate how various key concepts of the new model will help improve the quality of service delivery in our organization while minimizing costs. Finally, well formatted empirical, scholarly evidence will be provided to support the raised ideas. Two areas where the hospital expenses due to patient injuries can be minimized and where the quality of patient care can be improved have been identified by the management of the operating room. The patient care delivery model which has been in operation up to date will be changed to focus on injury prevention…show more content…
Improper positioning of patients can lead to complications to the injuries which can lead to the patient spending more time before recovering. This can alter the aim of our organization which is to improve quality. The second goal is focusing on prevention of patient tissue injuries; this occurs as a result of improper covering of pressure points which are areas likely to come into contact with beach chairs, surgical devices, stirrups and chest rolls once an injury occurs to a patient (Keall et al., 2015, p.235). Key Concepts The ‘Surgical Prevention of Injury Model’ to be employed by the operating room to minimize injuries acquired by patients will follow the following steps: 1. Identifying the patient safety issues 2. Revising systems and educating staff about the patient safety issues and any emerging issues related to patient safety touching on the cause and prevention of these…show more content…
To effectively undertake this task, nurses need to pad the areas that will have pressure in the course of surgical pressures in the body of the patient. Nurses also need to be taught and trained on how to ensure proper positioning of patients to prevent further injuries of the nerves when undergoing surgical procedures as these can cause additional pain, suffering, treatment and hospitalization of the patient (Keall et al., 2015, p.235). Some common complications a patient is likely to experience after developing a pressure ulcer within the operating room include septic arthritis, cellulites, necrotizing and septicemia. This condition can be very threatening to the life of the patient (Gabbett, 2016). A pressure ulcer could lead to infected joint replacement in case a patient had a joint replacement which would call for antibiotic treatments that can result in a joint revision surgery if the treatments are unsuccessful. Eventually the patient would be readmitted to the hospital. Therefore, the nurses should be very keen to ensure patients are well attended to, to prevent cases of progress of the injuries (Russo, et al., 2014). Conclusion By adopting the ‘Surgical Prevention of Injury Model’, it can be easy for us to identify safety issues and apply evidence based approach that can help prevent injuries before they occur. By adopting this model, organizations can lower healthcare
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