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Patient #1: Mr. Jones, a forty two years old African American old male with a diagnosis of lumber 4 to lumber 5 abscess and partially paraplegic, unable to move bilateral lower extremities, sensation present. These problem was found out from the CAT scan result in emergency department. The patient refused to do MRI of his spine and he stated he is claustrophobic.
Education topic: The MRI of spine needs to get done, because without having the MRI done, the doctor cannot proceed any other treatment, whether any surgical or medication management treatment. As a nurse, I explained him the option of having a tranquilizer medication (which was prescribed by doctor) prior to the MRI procedure, which would help him to relax and they would be able to do the procedure. The doctor can decide which treatment option is best for him ether he needs surgery or only medication regimen depending on the result. The overall goal and result to cure the patient as much as possible.
Learning objectives: By the end of the lesson, Mr. Jones will verbally …show more content…

Elena needs to get out of bed, sit on bedside chair, and ambulate inside the room and outside of the hallway as much as she can. She may feel more pain while getting out of the bed. My teaching was that increase activity will eventually help her to recover faster without any complications.
Learning objectives: By the end of the lesson, Mrs. Elena will compare the possibilities of having any complications of not doing any activity postoperatively verses increase activity and ambulation (cognitive).
By getting out of the bed, Mrs. Elena will express of feeling better with the signs of able to pass gas, breathing with ease, and able to move all her extremities (affective).
By the end of lesson, the patient will be able to get out of bed with minimal or no assistant, stay out of bed for fifteen minutes or more to bedside chair and able to ambulate inside the room and hallways for ten minutes and more

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