Patient-Centered Care: A Case Study

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Patient-centered care is imperative to success of a nurse, and the building of a therapeutic relationship. It recognizes the patient first rather than their illness. Patient-centered care, family centered care, and holistic nursing care, view all aspects of the patient including the physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs as well as how the whole family unit has a part in the health and healing process of the individual patient. These holistic care concepts are not new concepts. They are widely recognized in healthcare, and are fundamental for nursing and healthcare professionals to understand and incorporate in the delivery of care as they empower the patient and their family to make decisions about their care (McGeorge, 2010). This is why, as a nursing student, I explain every intervention that I am performing, I tell the patient why they are taking each medication that I am passing, I promote independence, I educate the patient whenever possible, and I listen to their thoughts, their needs, and their worries. Growing up, my mother was a significant influence in my life including my decision to pursue healthcare. She is a firm believer in the holistic,…show more content…
Feelings of stress related to a hospital stay have shown to have a negative effect on patients, it can slow the healing process and increase the risk of dangerous complications (Buckle, 2015). Aromatherapy is a simple, safe, cost-effective method that can reduce both acute and chronic stress (Buckle, 2015). For example, in multiple research studies, inhaling a relaxing essential oil before a procedure or medical intervention can significantly help a patient with acute stress (Buckle, 2015). This patient was not having a procedure done, but was in a similar state of acute stress. Proving holistic care means addressing all aspects of care for a patient and critically thinking about which method would most successful in that specific

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