Patient Confidentiality In Nursing

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14486198 Part A According to the Oxford English Dictionary, dignity may be defined as “the state or quality of being worthy of honour or respect.” (2015) Dignity and respect are two of the underpinning values of nursing care. It is highly important to show respect and unconditional positive regard to each and every patient regardless of their culture, race, religion or background. In doing this, it can assist the patient in feeling more comfortable in the care of nurses and hopeful that they will fully recover from their illness. In this essay the writer will be discussing dignity as an underpinning value of nursing practice and how dignified care is provided by nurses in the clinical setting. The writer will then speak about patient confidentiality…show more content…
Patient confidentiality is a core concept in nursing practice and allows for a trusting relationship between the patient and the nurse. As nurses, information regarding a patient must be kept and safeguarded. This is governed by the An Bord Altranais Code of Professional Conduct for each Nurse and Midwife. (2000) It is essential to uphold the trust of the patient and to make them feel comfortable and at ease in the care of nurses. Providing there is a trusting relationship between the nurse and the patient, this in turn allows for the patient to disclose private or personal information to the nurse necessary for formulating a satisfactory care and treatment plan to enable the recovery of the…show more content…
These are as follows, sociology, profession/occupation, jurisprudence, history, ethics, economics, administration and finally, knowledge about nursing practice. There are three main concepts of Orem’s self care deficit nursing theory. According to Orem’s theory, nursing care is necessary because the service user may not have the ability to perform self care tasks themselves due to limitations of their illness. Orem’s theory also states that adults learn to perform actions to allow for their survival and to sustain their quality of life. The theory states that by using nursing processes, this helps individuals to meet the requirements of self care and to build up their capacity to perform tasks of self care independently. Orem’s model is based on the theory that service users will recover more quickly from their illness providing they perform activities of daily living independently. The theory attempts to move away from the idea of nursing being exclusively about health and disease and rather that the discipline of nursing holds a holistic

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