Patient Fall Case Study

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Patient fall was serious alarming threat in patient safety. The author was a state registered nurse in private hospital in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with seven years of working experienced. Based on the statistic showed from 0.04% in January 2017 increased to 0.10% in February 2017 (Quality Department, Author’s Hospital, March 2017). The management had gathered a team and conducted the root cause analysis (RCA). The result of the RCA showed it was due to communication failure between patient and nurse during orientation, inadequate patient fall risk assessment done by nurses, understaffing and latest technology devices to prevent fall were not available. The management had sense of urgency to implement change in order to decrease the percentage of patient fall in the hospital. As cited by Bradley…show more content…
As cited by Rochefort, Buckeridge and Abrahamowicz (2015), nurse to achieve on ongoing monitoring patient condition in order for the patient better outcome, an adequate number of nurses are needed. The management had advertised for recruitment in website and various newspapers then interviewed and had employed the staff. The management recruited more staff to increase the staffing with the aim of provide a better care. With adequate staffing, hourly ward round routine basis done to engage patient with the purpose of prevent fall. As a consequence from the changes the result showed improvement in reduction of patient fall. The statistic had stated that from February 2017 stated 1% to July 2017 stated 0% (Quality Department, Author’s Hospital, August 2017). When the outcome was good, the management felt happy as the hospital get the good reputation thus the profit of the hospital increased. Hence, the doctor had gains back the confidence on nurses in providing the good care. In addition, the nurses felt motivated to work. Finally, the patient happy and trust the nurses provided a quality nursing

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