Patient Fall Prevention

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In general, patient fall is the neglected subject in the hospitals. This topic is neglected because most of the hospitals didn’t report fall cases anywhere due to safeguard reason. When a patient is admitted to the hospital, most of the attention is used to give to the primary condition of the patient. Also, both family members and healthcare staff concerned about the primary condition of the patient. However, this fall and its subsequent consequences can be very serious and harmful to the patient. At the same time, this fall can be prevented by the minimal efforts from the family members and healthcare staff. Consequences from this fall are alarming and disturbing the work of every stakeholder of the patient care. This patient fall leads to…show more content…
Few of the strategies to prevent patient fall are discussed in this section. At the time of admission to the hospital, patients were screened for fall risk and these susceptible patients for fall risk were selected for the fall prevention strategy. One of the strategies is keeping the colored band on the hand of the fall risk patient, so that anybody can identify the patient as susceptible for the fall and assist the patient for routine work. Education to the family members of the patient to prevent the fall of the patient is very good and effective strategy to prevent fall of the patient. Because family members of the patient can accompany them all the time and fall can be prevented in an efficient way. Moreover, family members can convince the patient to avoid few acts which are prone to the fall. Hence, family members of the patient trained in the fall prevention strategy. Another effective strategy to prevent the fall of the patient is by mentioning fall risk factor in all the reports when shift of the hospital changes. By doing this, healthcare staff attending in the next shift can understand the condition of the patient in a better way and plan their work. To implement a quality strategy of the prevention of the fall of the patient, it is very much required to maintain a proper checklist and documentation. This checklist and documentation will help to…show more content…
In health care evidence has broad meaning and includes proof, reasoning, observation and verification. In healthcare, importance of evidence is based on the historical data of the evidence available in the literature. In healthcare there are different types of evidences are present. These evidences are research based evidence, clinical experience based evidence, patients based evidence and local context and environment based evidence. More specifically, this particular evidence of elderly fall patient is the overlap of the clinical experience and patient based evidence. In clinical based experience, both clinicians or practitioners and nurses learn from their practical knowledge and implement their experience to make that particular condition as evidence. Patient based evidence is based on the experience of the patient and their family members. These patient and family member’s experiences are very useful in implementing the best healthcare practices because the final aim of the healthcare professional is to give relief and satisfaction to the patient and family members. Learning from the patient and family members experience helps health professionals to act in that direction and this whole procedure is more effective. Altogether, this evidence of patient fall, which is based on the clinical and patient experience, is valid evidence for evidence based healthcare management

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