Patient/Family Medication Teaching Plan

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Patient/Family Medication Teaching Plan Today a 19-year-old patient named Matt presented to the ER with lethargy, excessive thirst, recent unexpected weight loss, fever, and complaints of frequent urination. Upon arrival the patient’s vitals were taken and documented as temperature 101.6, heart rate 99, respiratory 22, blood pressure 119/76 and blood oxygen levels were at 99%. Matt is a healthy young male who is an active athlete on his schools cross-country team. Being a college student he eats the typical college diet of premade food and claims he has a handful of beers each week. After assessing and observing the patient it is documented that the patient is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and urinary tract infection. The nurse will now explain…show more content…
The first concern to address would be the proper education on how to complete an insulin injection and check blood sugar monitoring. Then address the medications and possible side effects. Next address what the diabetic diet consists of for the patient. Lastly, address the patient’s cross-country team and his ability to continue on with athletics. The reasoning behind assessing the concerns in this order is to address the most crucial concerns first. With type 1 diabetes checking blood sugar and giving insulin injections is going to become a part of the patient’s daily routine so it is imperative that they properly know how to do this. Side effects are always a big concern when giving medication and it is important that the patient knows what is expected and what is not expected from a medication so that they can come in to see a doctor is any adverse symptoms arise with taking the Insulin for type diabetes or Bactrim for urinary tract infection. It is also important that the patient knows what foods are going to help or hurt them with type 1 diabetes. Lastly, it would be important to address the patients concern about if they will be able to run cross-country because this is something that is important to them (Gentile, 2011,…show more content…
First educating the patient on type 1 diabetes and urinary tract infection would be verbally implemented. Once the patient has a background on what was happening to their body education on the medication that would need to be taken to control type 1 diabetes and fix the urinary tract infection would be explain. Then how to appropriately inject insulin and take blood sugar would be taught and ways of how to prevent a urinary tract infection for the future would be addressed. Lastly, the proper diet for a diabetic would be addressed. Written instructions would be given to the patient and a follow up date would be made to evaluate and see how the patient is handling all of the new medication and patient teaching (Vera, 2013,

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