Patient Insemination Case

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The scenario of Dr. H using his own sperm and then, Mary the nurse overhearing him telling that he was at risk of professional sanctions because some of his of patients are accusing him of using his own sperm during the procedures. This case and many others where a trusted man of authority of abusing his power by inseminating his/her patients with power by inseminating his/her patients with his own sperm. It is certainly a sad story which unfolded in the community. This physician violated the patient rights because before the treatment started both the patient and doctor went into contractual agreement. The doctor went to threaten many, the nurse who worked with him. This is instill fear and causing duties, the nurse. He abused his power and authority.
The other doctors was from Washington DC who
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In artificial insemination, there may be problems in this process due to problems with inseminating may have multiple births causing problems with who is going to care for the babies and the economics involved in such cases. There might be problems with the genetic part of it if the sperm donor is not known other disease not known to the recipient. The doctor and patient enter into an agreement. According to medical ethics, number 8.8, the physician has an obligation to present the facts accurately to the patient or to the individual responsible for the patient care and make recommendations for management in accordance with good medical practice. The physician has an ethical obligation to help patient make choices from among the therapeutic alternatives consistency with good medical practice. Informed consent, a basic policy in both ethics and law that the physician should honor unless patient is unsconscious or incapable to consent . After an assessment physicians can give information knowing is able to receive process information well (AMA
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