Patient Interaction

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Patient Interaction Visiting your Doctor, seeing a Surgeon or being in the Hospital can be a very scary and stressful time. Doctors see numerous patients a day, ranging from only a handful to over fifty or even one hundred. Surgeons have anywhere from one basic surgery or anywhere from five to ten extensive surgeries a day. Being anywhere in healthcare is stressful and takes a special kind of person with good communication skills to perform their duties at a top-notch level. What does having good people and communication skills entail you ask? Explaining everything to your patient, allowing them to ask questions, letting them ponder on their options that the Doctor gives them and just being there and communicating with them is what every…show more content…
All of these remarks are true but Patient care; safety and satisfaction should be at the tiptop of their list. What if a Doctor forgets to mention to the patient that they need to prepare their bowels for the colonoscopy they have tomorrow, or the Surgeon forgets to inject a vial of medicine that is crucial to a positive outcome of a surgery? It will not turn out good for the Patient as it could severely injure them and possibly kill them. It will not be good for the Doctor or Specialist as they can be sued for wrongdoing. It will also not be good for the Office or Hospital, as it will give it a bad name. There is truly no excuse for these kinds of mistakes and no excuse for any controllable mishaps in the field of…show more content…
A Doctor and Surgeon should never over work themselves just so they get a bigger paycheck at the end of the day. They should all relax, respect their patient’s well being and not schedule so many appointments or surgeries for the day. Surgeons should practice their bedside manners, as it is crucial part to being a good Surgeon. Explaining what they are about to do, what they should expect and how they will recover and also what they can do to help the recovery. Taking it “step by step”, making sure they do everything before, during and after the surgery making sure they did not forget something. Doctors should always let their patients have an ample amount of time to ask questions so they also know what they are about to have done to them. Take their time with each and every patient they see. If all healthcare professionals would just do their part in patient interaction, the bad name Hospitals and Doctors get would not be as bad as they do
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