Patient Interview Appraisal Paper

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Interview Appraisal

The patient interview video that was provided was a health history of new information as well a review of old information. Patient interviews and history taking is a way of obtaining comprehensive information about the patient and applying that information to provide the best care possible for them. Without the interview process we would not be able to have the full health history and would not be able to provide patient-centered care. “The health history interview is a conversation with a purpose” (Bickley 2013, p. 55). Nurses definitely need to perform the health history interview with a purpose. The interview that was provided had an appropriate physical environment for the nurse and patient. They were both in a room by their self and she introduced herself and greeted the patient by his proper name and asked what he preferred to go by. I couldn’t tell if she closed the door after she entered the room. One strategy to make this better would to state the fact that she is closing the door for the patients privacy. The patient was not there for a problem just an annual checkup and was in
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