Patient Management System Research Paper

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1 Introduction
Patient management system is developed for computerizing hospital to manage patient details effectively. This patient management system will save time and will provide instant service. This system have details of every patient, pharmacy and doctor they consulted and diseases they are suffering. Patient management systems is very necessary in hospitals these days to run the functions of hospital smoothly. To keep all patient records on paper is very bulky and mistake inclined. And this process is not very efficient and time consuming also. Recording and keeping up all these records is very untrustworthy. It is likewise not monetarily & in fact doable to keep up these records on paper.
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Purpose of System design is to identify the functions of proposed system. The characteristics, the detail of those modules and how they relate with one another to provide the accurate result. The objective of the system design is to create a model or representation of a system can be utilized later to develop that system. The created model is called design of the system.
3.1 System development methodology
In software engineering different techniques are used for software development. A methodology is defined as collection of procedure, techniques, tools and documentation that help developers to develop new system. For successful implementation of system suitable and well-organized technique should be used. So the documented collection of processes, procedures used by developer in development of software is called software development methodology or software development life cycle. There are various methodologies to ensure systematic approach to planning, analysis, design, implementation and testing.

3.2 Methodology importance
1. System methodology is very important to complete project within time limit and at suitable
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Planning has two phase project initiation and project management.
After planning stage second stage is analysis of system. This stage has information about propose system that what will use of system and what are the functions of systems. Analysis is done on the base of current system.
After analysis design stage comes which is development of propose system. Because this will decide how system will work in terms of hardware and software.
After the development of system next stage is implementation of developed system. This is longest phase which involves installation of system and establish support plan for system.
4.1 Waterfall methodology
In waterfall development analysts and users move forward sequentially from one stage to another. It is also known as linear sequential model. This type of methodology is normally used for small project. The waterfall model is a popular version of the systems development life cycle model for software engineering. It is basic approach to the system development life cycle. In this methodology each phase has goals to achieve once it is completed then each phase is reviewed whether project is in right way and then move forward to next phase and there is no return
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