Patient Monitoring Model

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M. Meenatchi et al [1] provided a working model which incorporates sensors to measure parameters like body temperature, heart beat rate. A micro-controller board is used for analyzing the inputs from the patient and any abnormality felt by the patient causes the monitoring system to give an alarm. Also all the process parameters within an interval selectable by the user are recorded online. This is very useful for future analysis and review of patient’s health condition. For more versatile medical applications, this scheme can be improvised, heart beat sensors and annunciation systems, thereby making it useful in hospitals as a very efficient and dedicated patient care system. Hospitals are maintaining the patient’s details. All the patients’…show more content…
Statistics reveal that every minute a human is losing his/her life across the globe. More close in India, everyday many lives are affected by heart attacks and more importantly because the patients did not get timely and proper help . So a reliable, energy efficient patient monitoring system is designed and developed. It is able to send parameters of patient in real time. It enables the doctors to monitor patient’s health parameters (temp, heartbeat, ECG, position) in real time. Here the parameters of patient are measured continuously (temp, heartbeat, ECG) and wirelessly transmitted using Zigbee. This development provides a solution for enhancing the reliability and flexibility by improving the performance and power management of the patient monitoring system. In the current proposed system the patient health is continuously monitored and the acquired data is analyzed at a centralized ARM microcontroller. If a particular patient’s health parameter falls below the threshold value, an automated SMS is sent to the pre-configured Doctor’s mobile number using a standard GSM module interfaced to the ARM microcontroller. Here, Zigbee for wireless transmission is used. The Doctor can get a record of a particular patient’s information by just accessing the database of the patient on his PC which is continuously…show more content…
Arul Leo Felix, A.Arockia Faustine and D.Sellathambi et al [4] Technology plays the main role in care not just for sensory devices however conjointly in communication, recording and display device. It’s important to observe numerous medical parameters and post operational days. Patient observance systems are gaining their importance because the invasive world senior population will increase demands for caretaking. These systems use wireless technologies to transmit very important signs for medical analysis. The aim is to supply a more robust health care to individuals in additional economic and pertinent friendly manner. This system aims in style and development of low value, light-weight, transportable telecardiac system for remote observance of cardiac patients. The scheme is meant and developed for observance patients remotely employing a wireless communication system .The main aim of this development is to observe the temperature and rate of the patient and show constant to the doctor through GSM technology. In hospitals, patient’s temperature should get to be monitored perpetually, that is sometimes done by doctor or different paramedical workers. They observe the temperature of patients perpetually and maintain a record of it. The record will be saved within the tablet within the laptop. Within the planned work includes a patient will management the room devices like fan, light and TV from the bed itself by using android primarily based portable through the

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