Patient Neglect Reflective Essay

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Look back:
In my final reflective journal I want to reflect neglect the patient in clinical sitting. Clinical one B courses in the bridging program enhance us to develop skills, give best quality of care to the patient establish autonomy while in practice.
Every Sunday, I practiced clinical 1B course in the male surgical word in Al-Qassimi hospital, I noted that in the word they neglecting the patient. I feel embarrassed in front of the patient when he knew that nobody came to see what he want. Also, I am not satisfied with staff care to their patients. Work in the word beginning with handover without seen the patient after that they will enter patent room with doctor round. Then they well do what doctor order. For example, they
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2) Burnout and compassion fatigue.
3) High workloads.
4) Targets.
5) Lack of training.

According to BMC Health Services Research (2013) there is method to collect data in neglect patient. The qualitative and quantitative data extraction investigated (1) the definition of patient neglect, (2) the forms of behaviour associated with neglect, (3) the reported frequency of neglect, and (4) the causes of neglect.
Patients and their family members are more likely to report neglect than healthcare staff, and nurses are more likely to report on the neglectful behaviours of other nurses than on their own behaviour.

New Trial:
According to my reflection in this situation, I am planning to develop myself to give high quality of care to the patient and listen to him, met his need. Always, let the client to know his right and ask me what he need. Improve my therapeutic relationship with patient. Increases level of satisfaction of care that provides to the patient.

In conclusion, I have learned from latest journal and article related to neglect patient. The nurse should not neglect the patient. Also, should be warned that the patient me submit a complaint or sue the nurse. The health care provider may lose his
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