Patient Opioid Education Summary

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The journal “Patient Opioid Education” explains how opioid abuse is better if researched health care providers can better educate their patients on the issue. According to Ms. Costello, research is being done to further educate patients about the drugs they are taking. In fact “a quasi-experimental pretest posttest design was used to evaluate nurses’ knowledge of opioids,” (309). Although, the research reveals that patients have a lack of knowledge about safe opioid use this is because nurses lack the understanding of the addiction. Accordingly, all health care providers should have education on opioid dependence to avoid such addictions. I would use this scholarly journal in my essay with quotes from the section titled “Significance of Research”. These quotes would help with my argument that the topic of opioid abuse needs to be better researched. For example, “Patients may begin nonmedical use of opioids due to…show more content…
It gives an explanation on how there are many deaths due to opioid/drug abuse and we as a country are working on abolishing the issue. Opioids are not the only drug to be worried about. Multiple others drugs have begun to surface and are just as bad as opioids. Many actions have also been enacted by Congress. There are programs working on treatment for the drugs that are being abused. This article would be used in an argument for my essay by using quotes from the section titled “Treatment News”. This relates to my topic by proving that there are some treatment actions in progress to prevent the opioid epidemic. Drug abuse is a serious problem that does not need to be left alone and untreated. “SAMHSA is working with states on preventive measures, increasing access to treatment, and identifying geographic areas and high-risk populations to target for assistance,” (Reed, 3). This shows that actions are being taken against the drug/opioid abuse. Opioids have been abused for centuries and it is time to put a stop to
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