Patient Own Drugs Advantages And Disadvantages

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What are the advantages of patient own drugs (PODs) systems?
Usually patients in Hospitals are given medication within the hospital, but many patients have their own essential daily medications, so therefore they may bring in their own medications from previous prescriptions. This is to record their drug history. The HSE encourages people to do this if it is possible. This has many advantages with very few disadvantages. I am going to outline the various advantages in a detailed manor, but before this the minute amount of disadvantages should be addressed. The main disadvantages would be human error, for example the drugs may be left behind when the patient leaves or misplaced. Another would be that some drugs can be kept by the hospital and it can accumulate waste.

People fear change, so if the patient has their own medication, it can reduce anxiety confusion for the individual. As opposed to the patient using a different generic of the drug they usually take. Even a colour difference of a capsule or tablet can influence a person negatively, because it is not what they may be used to. It may contribute to keeping a patient calm and at ease, instead of being on stressed, which may contributes to many other health difficulties.

Patients Drug Routine
If they have their own medication, they may have a routine for taking it, for example before or after their meals, at certain times throughout the day. Usual drug rounds in a hospital can’t

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