Patient Portal Analysis

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Patient portals are becoming the way of life for people to keep track of his/her health. Medfusion and HealthVault are among two patient portals that rank high in popularity. When comparing the two sites, MedFusion and HealthVault allow the participant to keep track of important data such as weight, lab results, exercise, and daily intake of nutrition. They are different in ways that HealthVault is a personal health record. This website is web-based application that allows the participant to input his/her health and medical history (Information about the intuit health personal health record for patients, n.d). It allows the participant access to other apps and websites such as labs, pharmacies, and various insurance plans. Whereas, MedFusion is a patient portal that basically acts as an electronic medical record. On this website, a participant can send a request to reorder medication, pay a bill to their health provider, make appointments and send secure messages to his/her health provider (Information about the intuit health personal health record for patients, n.d.).…show more content…
It will also allow the patient to become engaged in their health, so at all times he/she will know what is going on at all times (Meaningful use definition & objectives, 2015). There are potentials associated with utilizing an EHR and PP. It will allow patients to keep track of progress made, aid in updated medication list, as well as keeping all health providers in the know of their
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