Patient Record System Analysis

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July 20th 2015

Analysis of Patient Record System, Patient Scheduling System, Billing System and Review of suitable Software Solutions

Aisling Meade, IT Consultant.
Student No: 2149685

1. Software Recommendations

Dental software is easy to use and easy to set up software. It totally meets the needs of a modern dental clinic and requirements as set by the Irish Dental Association. It contains all a patient’s records that are needed for good dentistry care. All patient information is well laid out on one screen and all relevant information can be found in a few seconds. Technically it can store and display multimedia content such as X-rays and photos. It has planners with appointments which can be set at a certain date or
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ACE Dental is a complete software solution for dental practices which is efficient and cost effective. ACE enables users to work with information about the current dental state of their patients, a complete dental history, helps keep records of treatments, any materials used, billing for services delivered, giving work hours to medical staff, patient check-ups and so on.

• Patient Records System
Electronic dental records on ACE are set up so that they are not too different to traditional paper records. This aims to help give dental staff an easier transition from current practices to the use of electronic records, with minimal training needed. The software for patient records has two main parts; the first part contains personal information of the patient. The second part contains a patient’s medical record.
I believe that the advantages of using electronic dental records as opposed to using the printed one, especially for larger dental clinics, are huge, some of these include;
• Better control over records
• Easier storage/ information access
• Being able to store higher volumes of
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For all these reasons, it makes it very worth considering transferring to electronic records and scheduling systems.
The software system I chose was ACE Dental. I chose this software as it met all the requirements you were looking for in regards to scheduling software, billing system and patient record system. The software is also very simplified and easy to use and should make it easier and quicker to train staff to use the new software. It is also very cost efficient. It requires a once off payment which is relatively low compared to other software on the market. I believe that the introduction of this software to your practice would be the right decision and would save on costs and cut workload.
I would also like to highlight some difficulties in the introduction of electronic records in day to day dental practice. The largest problem is the cost of this process, which firstly involves the cost of computer equipment, software cost, personnel training and any changes in work processes. However these are all one off costs and I believe the benefits far outweigh the negatives in this case. In businesses where such information systems have been introduced into use have shown that this one off investment pays off by reducing other costs and increases quality of service from the use of information systems in the

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