Pet Therapy Summary

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Met with the client today, 9/29/2015 for thirty minutes. Client expressed outwardly as well as through translation from facility staff that he is suffering due to leaving his family when they rely on him so much as he is their eldest son. He is very proud of his accomplishments in providing for his family at the tender age of 20. Facility staff was asked this SW how to respond to client so we discussed if he was able to delineate on what he has done for his family and the life skills he had modeled for them for their sustainable future, he is unsure if he has done enough. Asked the client to define the meaning of a ‘good son’ and in so doing asked him if he met the definition to which he shyly shook his head ‘yes’.

Discovered that he has
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This SW also suggested adding adjunct distraction techniques such as, the use of massage and pet therapy if client believes them to be client centered. Pet therapy, typically a modality that uses a trained animal and it’s handler to guide interactions with the pet as a distraction technique where the client experiences moments absent of suffering as they are engaged in realizing endorphins that occur bonding in pet relationships, pet therapy is goal oriented and can be used in all aspects of holistic care, physical, social, emotional, or spiritual care (American Veterinary Medical Association,…show more content…
Practitioners frequently use a series of questions that demonstrate resiliency through coping, Miracle questions aid in imaging the future without the anxiety it is provoking, and use a scaling model, usually 1-10 to determine progress in therapy. Brief interventions such as this can dissolve distorted realities resulting from marginalization, while promoting strength-based, client-centered, goals and interventions, instilling
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