Patient Reflection Paper

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Met with the client today, 9/29/2015 for thirty minutes. Client expressed outwardly as well as through translation from facility staff that he is suffering due to leaving his family when they rely on him so much as he is their eldest son. He is very proud of his accomplishments in providing for his family at the tender age of 20. Facility staff was asked this SW how to respond to client so we discussed if he was able to delineate on what he has done for his family and the life skills he had modeled for them for their sustainable future, he is unsure if he has done enough. Asked the client to define the meaning of a ‘good son’ and in so doing asked him if he met the definition to which he shyly shook his head ‘yes’. Discovered that he has a strong sense of empowerment by his abilities. Likewise he has many strengths as he is very engaging, talks with others, goes for walks, watches T.V. and has a great sense of humor and contagious smile. The conversation within thirty minutes as the client’s current in-person environment consists of continuous bone pain, mostly in his joints as well as constant itching due to rash, most likely side effect from medication as it occurred concurrently, as well as, restlessness, insomnia, and bouts of crying. Furthermore, this SW has observed on-going communication between the client and his mother, who has been absent for the last two days due to compassion fatigue, as she has self-reported to several staff members, as well as frequently
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