Patient Reflective Analysis

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In relation to caring for this patient I displayed strengths in implementing appropriate nursing actions, adapting to change and communicating effectively with the patient to provide patient centered care; however, I discovered weakness such as, a lack of confidence and patient teachings. I believe that the nursing actions I created for my patient this week were well thought out and my ability to adapt to my patient’s changes and mood to implement my actions greatly improved my patient’s overall health. Comparatively, this patient was my first patient I administered medications to and it was evident that I was nervous when explaining the medication’s purpose and actions. However, since then, with practice and my cheat sheet I feel more confident…show more content…
Smith includes patience, empathy, accountability and positivity. When I initially interacted with my patient he seemed rather grumpy and upset, rather than responding in a similar manner, I took a step back and told myself that, his anger was not directed towards me. By being patient and listening to his concerns I was able to better understand his frustrations and the cause of his unease. Before administering medications to my patient, I researched and looked up their purpose and course of action, when I was unsure I would ask a nurse or my instructor. I also believe that positivity in the presence of a patient is very important because, the hospital is not a place anybody wants to be, especially in Mr. Smith’s situation where he has had to stay for almost a month. It can become depressing and lonely so by being positive it might influence my patient to become more optimistic as well.
In conclusion, getting to know my patient helped me to understand what his current health perception, role relationship and goals were. From the knowledge gained I created my patient-centered provision of care. Furthermore, by learning my patient’s goals and the personal reasons for wanting to achieve those goals I helped motivate him in times of need. This experience has help demonstrated to me the importance and effectiveness of patient-centered care versus the biomedical model of
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