Patient Safety In Health Care

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Patient safety has received much recognition after the Institute of Medicine’s publication of “To err is to human: building a safer health system” , patient safety includes the avoidance, prevention and amelioration of adverse events emanating from health care delivery procedures and it comprises of systems of patient care, error reporting, and starting new systems aimed at reducing risk of errors in patient care as well as care functions which nursing has sole responsibility (Berland et al., 2012). The common media for the transmission of HCAIs are the hands of healthcare professionals, from patient to patient and within the care environment (Allegranzi & Pittet 2009). Patient safety is the ‘’patient’s freedom from unnecessary real or potential…show more content…
To secure patient safety with HH as a basic component of healthcare, the global SAVE LIVES strategy: hand disinfection, promoting my 5 moments for HH targets healthcare workers. Allegranzi & Pittet (2009), argued that HH is recognized as the lead intervention for preventing the transmission of antimicrobial resistance and reducing healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs) and suggested a multimodal intervention strategies to improve HH and aid in the decline of HCAIs. Allegranzi & Pittet (2009), indicated that the goal of the First Patient Safety challenge is to attain an improved HH practice globally with the ultimate target of promoting an effective patient safety culture. Also (14) indicated that HH plays a significant role to the perception of quality of care and its performance among health professionals is critical to advancing the sense of safety of patients during…show more content…
According to (18), the fulfillment of WHO’s multimodal promotion strategy is linked to a notable increase in HHC and knowledge for health professionals but emphasized that the impact of the intervention on compliance does not differ among diverse categories of healthcare workers, meanwhile, the highest compliance was reported in nurses than in doctors before and after interventions except for few instances where the better performance of doctors than nurses was attributed to high education and
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