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Patient safety is the highest priority of the health care providers. This manifested as the doctors work night and day for the patients’ health and safety. To establish this important goal in the medical practice, coordination and teamwork should be followed thoroughly. Here I will specify the teamwork role in the surgical department that aim to reduce the medical errors. It is agreed universally that the best way to decrease the error occurs in the medical field is by the application of the best practice tools.

Three important tools can be recognized; guidelines, protocols and checklists. These tools are aimed to assist the health practitioners to minimize the potential risks and errors that may take place in the practice. However, to apply
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A multidisciplinary team has to construct a meeting to discuss the adverse event in the right method. Four aspects must be considered in examining the error; first, the patent factor that contribute to the error. Second, the treating team factor that caused the error. Third, the environmental factor that promote the error. Fourth, the system that coordinate the overall operation. When an error occur, the multidisciplinary team has to examine the error through all the aspects surround the error and not to take the punitive approach and focus on the responsible person. The punitive approach is not assisting in minimizing the adverse event and may cause a conflict in the future…show more content…
Three main causes can be identified which ultimately lead to poor health or an adverse event. First, the poor infection control. When an invasive procedure is planned, several safety measurements must be taken in account. The administration of prophylactic antibiotic, awareness of cross infection between the healthcare provider and the patient, the contaminated equipment and cloths and the risk of acquiring the hospital acquired infection during hospitalization. Therefore, the preventative measures must be applied whenever an invasive procedure is intended. Second, the inadequate patient management. The contributing factors that influence the patient management are numerous, here some

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