Patient Safety Improvement Essay

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Patient safety improvement program is a policy implemented by the Department of Veteran Affairs North Florida/South Georgia. The policy promotes a safety environment for patients and establishes a guideline that would provide a better care for patients ,staff, visitors and family members. Guidelines under this policy are focused on identifying sentinel events or events that could result in patient harm or death, Identify the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and set Sentinel Event Alerts that would decrease the risk of future events. Sentinel events happen often in institutions such as hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare centers. Joint commission (2013) provides the following examples of sentinel events: patient death, paralysis, coma, associated with a medication error, patient committing suicide within 72 hours of being discharged from a hospital, hospital performing wrong invasive procedure or operating on the wrong patient body site or on the wrong patient, maternal death, perinatal death, infant having a birth weight greater than 2,500 grams, abduction of the…show more content…
Many teaching strategies submitted to QSEN intent to improve patient safety. Wisser (2016) develops patient safety and quality improvement educational strategy for pre-licensure students, this strategy encourages nursing instructors and students to review the current National Patient Safety Goal (NPSG), to evaluate safety practices during clinical rotations, to document observations and recommendations on NPSG Clinical Worksheet and to develop a plan of care based on analysis of observations. Patient safety and quality of care is definitely the main goal of United States healthcare system and healthcare organizations such as Joint commission has made a commitment to patients and family members to fulfill the first healthcare obligation “do not

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