Patient Safety In Nursing

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The concept of patient safety traced as far back as the foundations of nursing. Perhaps nursing was born out of the necessity of patient safety and care. Florence Nightingale’s work in 1853-1856 aimed at improving the outcome of sick and injured soldiers during wartime (Telford, & Keeling, 2014, p.3). Therefore establishing the necessity for improvement in patient safety. By the early 19th century the National Organization of Public Health Nursing was developed to merge the public health needs and preventive care thus leading the way for the federal maternal and infant act of 1921 (Telford, & Keeling, 2014, p.7). Additionally, the Medicare and Medicaid act of 1965 was also another milestone for patient safety. Consequently, this act gave …show more content…

The importance for the nursing community to be involved in patients safety encompasses the method from health policy legislation to local system policy. We discussed in earlier chapter nurses must become familiar with the legislative process that dictates nurses work environment, safety, and ultimately affects patient care and outcomes (Wallace, & Ivanov, 2014). Therefore nurses must commit to patient safety by creating a healthy work environment in which teamwork and communication are utilized as an essential daily task as outlined in the American Association of Critical Care Nurses Healthy Work Environment Standards of Care (Wallace, & Ivanov, …show more content…

Currently, my role as education has enabled me to be apart of several initiatives that impact patient safety within my community and organization, for example, Pressure Injury Prevention, Antibiotic Stewardship and Stroke education and prevention initiative. The organization has established daily safety huddles and staff huddle topics to promote communication between staff and leadership. Contribution to the reduction of hospital-acquired infections are related to cause analysis of identified events. Overall I see a culture change that requires daily commitment on behalf of the whole healthcare

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