Essay On Patient Safety In Nursing

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Stage 1. Description Under the heavy workload of nursing care, accidents are easily to cause. It is avoidable for nurse to reduce the accidents by enhancing the quality of care and be awareness on patient safety. During my practicum, there are some incidents that have not fully aware of patient safety on the nursing practice. When they take care of patient, they often forgot the practice of preventing harm from patient which influences the practice. Stage2. Feelings As a nurse, it is significant for us to promote safety during the practice. Yet, some of them only focus on the surface quality but not holistic one. It was guilty about the incidents of ignoring patient safety. It urges me on reflecting the nursing practice and alters the performance…show more content…
The nurse practice of medication preparation involves the medication knowledge and requirement of environment. To revise the drug information and clean up the trolley are important for nurse to promote safety care for patient. On the above case of ignoring hand washing before administration, nurses have to pay more awareness to prevent accident from contamination which related to the sufficiency of nursing knowledge. For the task-associated sub-dimension, administration of drug is complicated because the procedure is ensuring the safe medication intake for patient. The nursing task may not only separate the drug to patient but also the daily care for patient, for instance, to feed patient and give wound dressing. To face on the multiple-task problem of nurse, there must enhance the awareness and reduce workload for nurse so that the quality of care can improved. Stage 5. Conclusion In this practicum, I observed a lot of nursing practice from nurse staff. Although they are careless to handle the preparation of medication, there should be alert to patient safety and to improve the quality of nursing care which is professional. To prevent the incidents happen, the responsibilities of ward staff to be aware of medication preparation are unavoidable. Building safety culture in the ward is significant
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