Patient Safety Role

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. PATIENT’S CARE/SAFETY: ROLE OF A NURSE LEADER IN AN ORGANIZATION. Service rendered by professionals and non-professionals for the benefits of a patient is known as patient’s care. The non-professionals take care of the patient under the supervision of professionals. Patient’s safety is an essential aspect of nursing care that should be part of the culture of a nurse as she cares for her patients. This requires that the nurse behavior should be directed towards achieving total safety 0f the patients throughout hospitalization. It is imperative that a nurse leader should adequately check the safety culture that is in place in her working environment and articulates a strategy to guide personal approach as they work to improve the safety…show more content…
They coordinate care across entire patient populations; working also with multi-disciplinary health care team across the care-continuum and helping organizations reduce length of stay and readmissions (Rebecca Hendren, 2009).
PERSONAL CONTEXT: For me as a person, patient’s safety and care is an aspect of nursing responsibility that I hold in a high esteem. Each time a patient is entrusted to my keeping, the first thing that comes to do to ensure that quality care is rendered to their patient and also that their safety is guaranteed while nursing the patient.
I usually ask my patient questions about their concerns and fears about their health status, this will help me to identify potential situations that can enlarger the patient’s safety and care during hospitalization, then work in collaboration with the health care team to eliminate these unforeseen situations and improve my patients health. I also implore the use of effective communication skills among my patients and colleague in other to achieve patient’s optimal health outcome which promote my patients care. Patient care also involves all aspect of person which include physical, emotional, spiritual and
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Delegation of duty is also done or rather practiced in other to provide the best possible care for our patient.
The nurse leader allocates job to promote productivity and safety for our patient.

A disaster can be defined as any occurrences that causes damage, ecological disruption, loss of human life, deterioration of health and health services, on a scale sufficient to warrant an extraordinary response from outside the affected community or area {W.H.O}
American red cross {ARC} also defined disaster as an occurrence either nature or man- made that causes human suffering and creates human needs that victim cannot alleviate without assistance.
Disaster nursing on the other hand can be defined as the adoption of professional nursing skills in recognizing and meeting the nursing physical and emotional needs resulting from a disaster. This practice is mostly applied where equipment, physical facilities and professional supplies are not applicable
Disaster alphabetically means:
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