Patient Satisfaction In Health Care

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In summary, the nursing practice is ridden with numerous shortcomings that make it hard for patients to be satisfied with the provided health care services. This paper has provided an evidence-based model in health care provision. The need to improve patient satisfaction in the nursing practice has necessitated the implementation of relevant policies that have yielded positive results. With the nurses embracing concepts, such as teamwork, altruism, leadership, empathy, and communication, patients are becoming more satisfied with the care they are being given in the hospitals.
In the nursing practice, there is a need to improve satisfaction in patients, which is only achieved after the nurses have adopted various patient-centered concepts,
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Patient satisfaction is a precondition for health care facilities to be to be accredited. Because of the lack of a strong unit in the government’s organizational structure, the performance of the health care system has not been under enough scrutiny to ascertain whether or not patients are satisfied with the medical services offered by the various medical facilities. Moreover, a policy design to evaluate the development of health systems is also absent. Brown (2014) claims there is an apparent lack of technical capacity and training among the officers in the health care service centers, which affects the planning, implementation, evaluation, and design of innovations in the health sector. In addition, stewardship and strategic planning are non-functional in the…show more content…
In the hospital setting, it is crucial for patients’ retention and overall reputation. The presence or lack of patient satisfaction, which is the focus of this project, affects all health stakeholders globally. Using the facility’s administrative database and the HCAHPS score, I have deduced that in our facility, patient satisfaction is not at its optimum. The HCAHPS database shows that 55% of our patients indicate they received help as soon as they needed it. The goal of this project is to increase that percentage by 20%. In synthesizing seven recent scholarly and peer-reviewed journal articles from multiple databases, including ULL library database, the study was attempting to present a comprehensive approach to increase the HCAHPS score. All items of evidence gathered are useful in facilitating evidence-based change. When moving forward with implementation, some possible constraints include, but not limited to, time, money, and reluctance of team members to change. It is the goal that this research will provide my facility with the tools to achieve and maintain higher patient satisfaction on the category of “responsiveness of staff” listed on the HCAHPS

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