Patient Satisfaction In Hospital

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Patient satisfaction about nurse services in surgical unit Introduction : Patient satisfaction is an essential and commonly used indicator for measuring the quality in health care. Patient satisfaction impact clinical results , patient retention, and medical malpractice demand . It affects the timely, functional , and patient-centered delivery of quality health care. Patient satisfaction is the best way to measure the success of nurses and hospitals. Patient satisfaction on health care services has become significant part in defining the quality of health care. It is reminded that providers mostly ignored the psychosocial part of health care however; its Significant has been Confirmed in many studies ( ommen et al., 2006 ) . Measurement of…show more content…
In each study, patients with no demanding healthcare needs were randomly pointed to nurse or doctor. The results in each study showed that patients were highly satisfied with the care they acquired from both the healthcare providers. However (Chang et al., 1999) found that patients were more satisfied with the treatment provided by the nurse than the doctor , in that the nurse was easier to speak and give to them illness and injury prevention information. (Cooper et al.2002) . On another hand studies clarified which factors impact the quality of nursing care from the Patient’s opinion , e.g. environment factors, patient awareness, nurse–patient relationship and personality/behavior .( Williams 2004 ). also , wasted nursing care had important impact on nurse-reported counter events such as hospital acquired infections, patients taking error medications or dosage , and more accident of patient falls causing injury. The quality of care on the basis of nursing care insufficiency was also explored and indicated that a important relationship presented between quality care and patient safety ratings . ( Schubert et al 2012 ) . However , Nursing clinical rounds lead nurses to interact with patients, respond to their interest , and adjust the unsatisfying conditions. regular nursing rounds provide an opportunity to recognize patient needs by progress nursing procedures. Although hospitals worker various methods of rounds for hospitalized patients, the main components of all rounds are pain preventing, bathing, changing position, and environmental comfortable . (Meade, Bursell, & Ketelsen, 2006). In addition Nurse staffing in outside of NZ have been found to affirmative effect the quality and the number of life experienced by the persons , families, and communities they serve (Brown and Grimes 1995 ) . However , Heavy hard work (and as a result in less time spent with patients) has
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