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Mao Vadhana’s “Assessment of Patient Satisfaction in an Outpatient Department of an Autonomous Hospital in Phnom Penh, Cambodia” (2012) aimed to determine the understanding of need of the patient and the opinion in the health care services. This study presents the socio-demographic characteristics, the quality of care, accessibility of the hospital and the patient satisfaction on health care services. This study shows 93.5% were satisfied on the health care services. 98.5% were satisfied on the hospital’s facilities. 81.5% to 96% were satisfied with the service of the pharmacists, nurses and physicians. 64% were less satisfied the registration service due to long waiting time. Based on the results of this study, the service of the health care…show more content…
This study used a descriptive approach on survey on 50 patients. The collection of data started on September 2011 to October 2011. The results show that the mean age of the patients was 44.7 years old. The major findings were that the 70% of the patient recorded good while 30% recorded excellent and none of the 50 patients recorded poor. The findings showed that there is no significant difference on the relation of patient satisfaction with nurses (Rajeswari,…show more content…
(2007), the patient satisfaction is associated with the nursing care given by two elements: the image of the nurse as a caring human being and experienced and talented health care provider. This study was conducted to assess the level of patient satisfaction with nurse care in the outpatient department. The survey was conducted in UP-Philippine General Hospital using a cross-sectional survey to determine the level of satisfaction. 237 patients were given a questionnaire for the gathering of data. The result shows that 69.3% were very satisfied to the nurse care as a caring person and a skilled and experience nurse. A rating of 17.2% was given with a highly satisfaction from some of the respondents about the information provided from the nurse. The patient satisfaction may affect some factors that demand to examine for the increase of satisfaction and quality of nurse care. The study of Bruster et al. (2012) highlighted the monitoring of patient satisfaction by using a specific question in order to learn the patient’s experience in the health care. These findings is essential to monitor the performance of the hospital and can be used a guide for the health care providers which health care must be improved. The evidences showed that the patients are willing to suggest a limited and optimistic picture to help patients be calm and relax. Such ideas can be used to improve the delivery of service to the patients and contributes to increase

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