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There were 12 theories that related to patient satisfaction and several attempts to formulate the concept found in the review. found in the review and several attempts to formulate the concept. The researchers since 1960s have formulated the theory of patient satisfaction on the ground of expectations as same as consumer satisfaction theories, and later researchers have been bringing these formulations to current literature without much efforts and changes. Moreover, most of the theories and formulations share the same underlying philosophy and perceptions which are not precisely fit in reality. On the other hand, patient satisfaction is not clearly defined because it possibly still
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Inter-rater reliability, the Kappa statistics, was 0.81. Among the included articles, 91 were cross sectional, 6 were systematic review; 4 were quasi-experimental, 3 were meta-analysis, 3 were literature review, 1 was randomized controlled trial, and 1 was retrospective cohort studies.
Systematic reviewWe found several numbers of determinants of patient satisfaction investigated in a wide diversity of studies, including fields of marketing, behavioral science, psychology, health management, and so onetc. TheOur sample identified evidence for 22 antecedents and determinants of patient satisfaction between 1978 and 2014. For the purpose of clarity, we grouped these antecedents and determinants were grouped into 2 broad categories: health care provider related determinants and patient related characteristics.9 Of the 22 antecedents and determinants, 9 determinants were categorized as health care service quality characteristicss, which may have played a role in variation in patient satisfaction: technical care, interpersonal care, physical environment, access (accessibility, availability, and finances), organizational characteristics, continuity of care, and outcome of care. Some 13 demographic and psychological (age, gender, education, socio-economic
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Among the determinants, interpersonal care was comparatively the most consistent and strongest determinant and other provider related determinants and individual characteristics were significantly varied, and thus conclusions could not be drawn. This result is consistent with the literature on patient satisfaction. The results of systematic review on antecedents and determinants of patient satisfaction was submitted to the journal “Perspectives in Public Health” for publication and an entire manuscript was attached in Appendix

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