Reflection Of Communication In Nursing

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I was working a day shift and there was about 10 minutes left of my day shift and I received a transfer from another floor on a patient that wasn't stable. no report was given prior to the transfer. In addition to not having a report or nursing notes given from the nurse who was caring for the patient prior, the patient was transferred last minute in an unorganized matter and left carelessly in his assigned room. The only piece of information that I received on the patient's status was that he was on a 100% rebreather mask, which had me already presuming that this patient had some kind of respiratory distress if he needed a 100% rebreather mask. I did my initial assessment on the patient and immediately called the doctor to come see the patient because his status was evidentially unstable from my perspective. The family was anxious and kept asking me questions as they didn't know what was happening. I decided to stay with the patient even…show more content…
The patient was transferred in an unstable state without proper organization, which prompted the sequence of events that resulted in an urgent code. Poor communication between the units lead to more confusion to what was actually happening with this patient, which created this breech in our ability to manage this situation effectively. The family was not informed about what was happening, why the patient was transferred, what was his diagnosis and the whole context of the situation enabling them to be increasingly more anxious, which contributed to creating an even more chaotic environment. Another negative aspect reflected how the patient was transferred at the end of the shift without proper notice, which caused the next shift to start off with a code that would disorganize their entire shift. Instead, the patient should have been attended to way before as he was showing imminent signs of respiratory distress the moment I saw

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