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Opening a patisserie in Zagreb might not seem like the safest best business decision considering the number and popularity of rival patisseries such as Vincek, Zagreb and Millenium. These businesses already have a well-established history (Vincek was established in 1993 and Zagreb even further back in 1950) [1, 2] and a loyal customer base. These patisseries are well known for their products among both people from Zagreb as well as the rest of Croatia. Their disadvantage is in their location, as all of them are located in the city center and they do not have presence in other parts of town and this is where we might have competitive advantage.
Through clever market segmentation and implementation of the marketing mix it is possible to capture
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Based on daily/weekly sales of the colored cakes we “predict” who will win and post results daily on social media. Obviously, our customers and supporters of the white or blue team will try to buy more to “increase” the chances of their team winning. We might also have a prize for winning buyers in a form of coupons or gift certificates. All these might attract different target groups and potentially new customers as well.

We would also use micromarketing in order to tailor our products to suit the wants and needs of our potential customers. For instance, having both pre-packed and ready to go boxes for “on the move” customers, and a lounge area for customers that might want to sit and eat. The “make your own cookie” line of products would be extremely personal and customer specific since they would be the creators of the deserts themselves. We could also offer a “happy meal” type combo box of desserts that would include a number of pastries and perhaps even a drink at slightly lower prices than if they were bought on their

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