Patria Roman-Velazquez Summary

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The author Patria Roman-Velazquez is considered an authoritative source for my topic because she has written an article that concentrates on popular music in Spanish. She has studied the construction of Latin American identities in which she analyzes the relationship between body and music. Her article can be creditable because it is found in an academic database where it was peer reviewed. The article examines the construction of Latino identities and basically an attempt for the author to explain the interrelation between body and music in a specific setting (Roman-Velasquez 115). The main point includes particular Spanish language music is vital to influencing individuals to embodied particular identities. Salsa is one main examples that is given to demonstrate that music and have an effect in people’s cultural and social identities. Another point the author makes is that “music is not the universal language it has sometimes been cracked to be: it changes over time, and it differs with respect to geographical locale… [and also] distributed along the lines of gender, age, ethnic identity, educational background, or…show more content…
The work does affect my thinking because it is an article that partially helps me answer my topic questions. It helps me understand that particular music can have an affect one’s development of self-identity. Furthermore, how setting can make a difference in how music affects an individual. For instance, they give the example of Salsa. However, it is happening in a particular setting, such as London. I can use this resource in my paper by using this as evidence to write that Spanish-language music can affect he development of self-identity. Particularly in my setting of a university where many do not listen to Spanish music. This can help me explain that there are various factors that come to playing our way of thinking and conveying culture, gender, and racial
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