Patriarchal Ideology In Family

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Patriarchal ideology influenced the family gender discrimination
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ABSTRACT: Gender discrimination still exists in contemporary China. The aim of this study is to explore the influence of patriarchal ideology on the gender discrimination in the family. 102 people participated in the research. The result of this study shows that the relationship between patriarchal ideology and family’s gender discrimination is very close. This research can help the public to know much about the family’s gender discrimination.
Keywords:Gender discrimination; son preference; economic development

(1) The purpose of the study The aim of this study is to explore the influence of patriarchal
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Sexism can affect any gender, but it is particularly documented as affecting women and girls (Wikipedia, 2016). Gender discrimination exists in many aspects. For example, gender bias in employment, education, and the legal system (Stuart Oskamp, 2000). However, the gender discrimination in the family is still a hot issue. In the patrilineal family, the family was only defined by male, this family system led to the strong son preference and discrimination against women(李树茁,1998). The gender discrimination is also related to the regional economy. Owing of suffering low economic development and traditional culture 's influence,gender perspective on traditional family in rural China exists many differentia(晏月平 & 廖炼忠, 2001). The gender discrimination in the family is a very serious problem in China. It really deserves to make a research.
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That is to say, if a regional economic level is high, the gender discrimination in that region is not very serious. For example, the economic development in China is not very balanced. The people who live in Big city such as Beijing, Shanghai will pay more attention to the gender quality. On the contrary, the gender discrimination in the countryside is very serious. They only love boys. Not only in China, gender discrimination is also very serious in other developing countries, especially in India. Indian really like boys. The social status of women in India is very low. At the same time, India is not a very strong country. The result is that regional economic level does affect the gender
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