Patriarchal Society In The 21st Century

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In the 16th century, not only in England but also almost in all the countries, all the families were “under” the patriarchal society. A patriarchy, from the ancient Greek patriarches, was a society where power was held by and passed down through the elder males. When modern historians and sociologists describe a "patriarchal society," they mean that men hold the positions of power: head of the family unit, leaders of social groups, boss in the workplace and heads of government. Unfortunately, this fact still exists, even today in the 21st century in many countries, especially in the Muslim countries where women have restricted rights. Patriarchal society, manhood, and the sense of masculinity, in my opinion, raise two main issues: the issue of fascism and the issue of racism. Those two issues are absolutely connected with political ideologies and it is inevitable for us to leave them out of our lives because everything around us is politics. The famous phrase “Everything happens for a reason” is not a randomly invented phrase. Everything has its’ purpose and as Karl Marx, the famous German philosopher said, “Doubt about everything”. Everything has a hidden message either good or bad, the important point is to identify, maybe discover it and “understand” the effect it has in our lives. We, people, must understand that we must not rely on what is given to us. People must search; discover what they are given because people who have no knowledge cannot fight for their rights
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