The Mad Woman In The Attic Summary

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The Place of Women Authors in the Patriarchal World Victorian social boundaries force women to be enclosed, repressive and “angel” figure in the world of male domination. Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar criticized on stereotypical roles of women that were given by patriarchy in “The Mad Woman in the Attic”. The word "madness" has critical value in the article because hysteria was originally named for female patients who complaint a lot so a direct link between women and madness was formed in patriarchal world. Additionally, hysteria roots from "uterus" in Greek that also show the direct link between madness and femininity. They mainly focused on that female figures were illustrated as only an angel or a monster from males’ mount that turned…show more content…
"The book of myths" about the wreck showed that there are a lot of stories on the issue. It can be interpreted as there are many charged roles on females in patriarchal world but she considered them as myths so they were not true reflection of reality of women and they were exaggerated or changed. She emphasized that femininity is a self journey to discover reality of femininity. The items such as knife-blade, body armor or mask are mostly used by male figures in stories but she armed herself with them after she thought that is enough about the myths. She also thought that these were useful things for self-defense because she did not know what would come into the wreck. In process of diving she lost her conscious and she attempted to use her mask to get defense but then she realized that if she use the defense, she cannot understand the real situation. It is obvious that she tried to push females not to behind their mask and to discover power in their heart to reach their through identity. She had a deep faith in fixing the condition. No matter what happened in the past, if women have vision and belief they can fix the situation and they can destroy the mythological believes that differs men from

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