Difference Between Patriarchal And Matriarchal Society

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Mst. Firoza Khatun
Language and Composition Prof: John Remarek
Date: 2nd November 2017

The Difference between Patriarchal and Matriarchal Society
“Whatever great or benevolent achievements that are in this world, half of that was by woman the other half by man” by Kazi Nazrul Islam, (Translated by Kamal, Sajed ,39). Societies which are ruled by men is called patriarchal society and that society is called matriarchal where women are in charge. According to E.Stets and J.Peter, “Femininity and masculinity are rooted in the social rather than the biological. Society members decide who will get more priority male or female” (P-1). In addition, there are many differences between patriarchal and matriarchal society based on social norms, different
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According to Hofstede, “men are always following and maintaining traditional family system”(p-8). In this society father makes decision about family size. Usually in patriarchal society father is deal with outside activities. On the other hand, Hofstede figure out family structure of matriarchal society, he said, “Feminine society follows flexible family system and women are always obeying adaptable family structure. They maintain this system because this is easy for women” (p-8). In this society mother makes decision about family size. Also, they deal with any emotional things in family. A similarity of these two societies is they give equal importance to family. Although, family is important for both of them, but the difference is how the family system is…show more content…
According to Hofstede, “In work place masculine society has larger gender wage gap” (p-7). Usually men are getting higher salary than women. Not only salary but also there is fewer women who work in management. Here men get more priority for salary and rank. Usually they think women can’t perform well in management sector. In opposite, Hofstede argue that, “In feminine society has smaller gender wage gap in work place” (p-7). Here female get more priority on salary and rank. In this society women work in every sector. There is one similarity for two societies if someone perform well in their respective society; they get more priority than other. So, we can see work place is a big difference between two

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