Patriarchy Domestic Violence

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Our Indian Society is based on patriarchal mindset. Woman has faced many challenges due to patriarchal mindset, lack of education, legal awareness, less empowerment etc. There are many crimes against women such as dowry, domestic violence, gender discrimination, eve-teasing, female foeticide, female infanticide, rape, sexual harassment, honour killing, witchcraft related murders, child marriage, forced prostitution etc. And such crimes are reduced by many governmental and non-governmental efforts such as crime against women, cell, parivartan cell (she to shakti), rape crisis cell etc. The present paper is focused on the ‘The Problem of Dowry and Domestic Violence and Response of Crime Against Women, Cell. INTRODUCTION With a decline in status…show more content…
Domestic violence is practiced across every cultures be it developed, underdeveloped or developing countries, in poor class or high class, women and children face this violence everywhere. Its seed lies inherently in the practice of patriarchy. Domestic violence is termed as domestic because the violence perpetrated is always by a family member or an intimate partner. Not very long time ago domestic violence was still considered a matter of “home” that there were no legal sanctions against it. The state being patriarchal in character refused to recognize the fundamental human rights of women and children. Many countries still refuse to identify it as an offence. So in the ongoing times civil society and human rights activist’s effort has been to make the state identify domestic violence as crime – crime against women. (General Assembly, 1993) EFFECTS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ON WOMEN The effects of domestic violence on women and children can range from physical to psychological depending on the type of violence perpetrated Children who grew up seeing domestic violence in their households often show bipolar and delinquent behaviour and go through lot of harmful emotions like guilt, anxiety and fear (Unicef,2007). So there are three types of abuse practiced: PHYSICAL
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