Patriarchy Examples Of Feminism

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Feminism, Misandry, Sexism and Patriarchy The word ‘feminist ‘ to me means a person, not generally a woman, who fights for women and their rights, it means that a person wants equality for both men and women Feminism started out as a movement which helped women gain rights. It was a social, political movement and it helped women win the right to vote, and so it helped to decrease the wage gap at work, it helped women take maternity leave from work. Feminism helped women gain rights to work as judges, it inspired popular figures to speak about it, it helped women fight against the crimes and abuse etc. It was empowering and liberating when it made women realize that only they could control their lives, what they chose to work…show more content…
As of today there are many types of feminism, i.e. radical, liberal, multicultural, anarcha -feminists, eco-feminists etc., All types of feminists are against patriarchy, whether it 's liberal or radical, intersectional or anarcha-feminists, etc. While they differ on the reasons why women are being oppressed, and how could they overcome it, at the end they are looking for a change, but feminism in spite of its effectiveness got mistaken as a anti-male cult because of a few women who voiced their misandrist and sexist views about men, women and marriage etc. Radical feminists have worked hard to stop the objectification of women, suffragettes were able to fight and gain rights like gaining the right to vote and gaining the right to have a voice and be tried. Radical feminism prepared the world for a movement which was about to take place to help women gain rights, to protect them from the crimes committed against them like violence, assault etc. Radical feminism is a branch of feminism, which considers Patriarchy to be the main problem as male monopoly is a hindrance to women because women have been fighting for equality so that they could have the rights men…show more content…
Which lead to feminism a becoming word, a lot of women fear to be identified with and it has become an accusatory term. Feminists are seen as man –hating and sexists kind of sadistic females. If a woman calls herself a feminist, she’s stereotyped and seen as someone who doesn’t believe in equality of the sexes. Feminism started as a movement which was meant to empower women and help them win rights so that they could enjoy the privilege men have had. As mostly seen, the things noticed by people are The things which invoke a negative or a positive response/reaction, because a thing has to trigger an emotion within us to be worth remembering. Those could be positive/happy and sometimes they are negative/sad. Feminism got noticed by people (mostly men) by the actions and statements of a few misandrist women who called themselves feminists which lead to feminists being stereotyped. Quotes by misandrist feminists make people see feminism in a bad light, as quoted on  The proportion of men must be reduced to and maintained at approximately 10% of the human race.” — Sally Miller
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