Essay On Patriarchy And Fatherhood

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The relationship between patriarchy and fatherhood in child-care in turkey in preschoolers
Cansu Doğru
Zeynep Turunç Early childhood is one of the most important period which shapes the person’s future. Children are too sensitive for all they receive from their environment. They are open to learn and develop through their senses, experience or witnesses. At that point, parents are the first effected factor for the children. Parents’ speech, behaviors and attributes affect their children general temperament. Every parent is the first known environment where the child learns some basic feelings and behaviors in. Especially in child care, there are some stereotypes toward parent involvement. Because the perception of patriarchy in the society,
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A word of patriarchy defines as a domination of male gender or masculinity. That definition comes from the history when men were more important for fighting in wars than women. Throughout the history, men have a superiority over women who can be captured, controlled and administered by men themselves. Based upon to men-supremacy system still maintains its effect after over and over years. The patriarchal system in society let men to direct concrete duties such as financial and power-required status.In the AÇEV research, men who are participated are part in the traditional fatherhood.Traditional fatherhood become partners patriarchy because fathers are unchangeable and authoritative (Akçınar, 2017). In this study, we focus on patriarchal system’s effects on child-care because there is a reason why mothers are seemed to be responsible of the childcare. At that point, patriarchy in the society is an answer. For example, fathers who live in US start to become a part of child care.Because of increasing number of women in working places, modernity, there is an egalitarian task in the house between mothers and fathers (David W. Scwalb, Barbara J. Shwalb, Michael Lamb,
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