Patriarchy In Colonial America

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The world has an abundance of living things, and of course human beings fall into this category. People are an intelligent species, and are all born with the same human structure in order to live and exist. While people are alike in many ways, each also has its own physical characteristics. Not only are people born with different hair, eyes, and skin color, but also in different cultures, ethnicity, gender, and speaking a different language. Over the course of time migration from one region to another has occurred with the hope for advancement. This contributed with cultural diversity in already populated civilizations. America is one of the most fast growing diverse countries, and while there is much beauty in this, it has also lead certain…show more content…
Patriarchy is a male dominant power structure and it consists of women serving their husband while the men are seen as the superior figure of the household. Early signs of Patriarchy were first recognized in the late seventeen century by the Puritan communities of New England. The role of women in colonial society consisted of cooking, washing, cleaning, taking care of children. They were responsible, in most cases, for the education and religious upbringing of their children or siblings. By the time they reached the age of thirteen, they were required to perform all tasks of adulthood. Most importantly women had to serve the older male figure in their family which would start with the father, and would transfer to her husband upon marriage. The period of transfer between patriarchs was almost always immediate and left no time of independent freedom for women. The husband was always the decision-maker in affairs regarding property. Men have been seen and are still seen as the majority because of higher authority. Women still in present day have to fight for equal rights, pay and
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