Patriarchy In Elizabeth Wein's Code Name Versatile

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Patriarchy is the structure of human society yet it receives very little attention. Elizabeth Wein’s World War II novel Code Name Verity depicts the journey of two female characters in their battle against the Germans. Wein uses Maddie and Julie to challenge the idea of patriarchy, Maddie and Julie shine their true power through a male dominated society with their willingness to make an impact through their actions. Maddie and Julie venture on this journey, completing tasks that supposedly require the brawn of a man. While three men lay injured or dead near an antiaircraft gun, Maddie lifts the “30 pound” shell and “with strength that she later couldn’t explain, she loaded the shell”(Wein ). One of the soldiers lying on the ground doubted…show more content…
However, a true leader does not shed blood, a true leader has the intention to save lives. Maddie and Julie unveil a soft side to themselves as they fight in the war. Julie starts listing her fears and she states “killing someone” on accident or purpose is a fear of hers and questions herself on whether she actually saved the German pilot or killed him (78). The common misconception of a ruthless leader plagues the minds of many people. Wein shows that a true leader is conscious about the world around them and cares for others regardless of what side they represent. Maddie constantly thinks of the people around her first instead of acting selfish. During the scene Maddie tried to break free Julie, Maddie shot at two chairs which “burst apart like a toy”, and the two men ran free (318). A leader with true power doesn't strive to take off the heads of enemies. A true leader values life and does everything in their power to help the most number of people rather than hurt. Wein intentionally portrays the characters like this to show that acting with altruism can make a moving impact. Maddie and Julie exceed the expectations for a strong leader as they portray the characteristics of a true leader, they show true power comes from having a soft heart and caring for others. In the big picture, Wein sends a message that contributes to the empowerment of women. She claims societal norms should change and under
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