Patriarchy In The Scarlet Letter

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Role of Women in creating a Virtuous Society
Society devalues women and demeans their existences, oppressing them into a world of submissiveness and destruction, thus fulfilling the image of a corrupt and sinful world. The patriarchy not only have detrimental effects on women, but the entire world as well. In the 19th century novel, Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne reveals the atrocities of the patriarchy and masculine hegemony in society and thereby perceive women as the redeemer of humankind’s sin, urging individuals to deter from the idea of women solely carrying the burdens of humankind’s sin and to assist in creating a more moral and virtuous society.
Effects of Patriarchy and Masculine Hegemony The patriarchy and masculine hegemony
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The idea of women redeeming the sins of mankind, within itself, promotes masculine hegemony. However, many individuals perceive women’s existence as the redeemer of humankind, as their moral characteristics matches those of a Christ figure. Hawthorne describes women in such as way as to suggest their purity and holiness through their strength and determinism. Despite individual's sins and reduction of societally-perceived virtue, women continue to have the moral sense to care for children: Hester continues to care deeply for Pearl despite Pearl having the entity of the result of Hester’s sin which creates her total isolation. Women have the sense of morality to care for others despite any given situation, they have the ability to redeem humankind from sin and give a sense of purity and morality into society. However, women should not have the sole responsibility of carrying that responsibility.
Opposing Views
However, some critics would say Hawthorne’s perception of women’s strength diminishes throughout the Scarlet Letter as the ending suggests a more peaceful and quiet submissiveness to take place for order and prosperity in society to occur. They state the quietness and preservation of Hester demonstrates the strength of women to endure their role in society and thereby create a more peaceful
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