Patriarchy: The Sociological Structure In Human Relations

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Patriarchy is the sociological structure in which man dominates women. Within this structure men have power to subordinate women (Warren, 2004). The entire relationship is not only on family, but the whole community. Slavery of women in the form of patriarchy is still fueling most activities of feminist movements. This view is a complex change to be made in human relations. The suggestion by most sociology scholars is that removing patriarchy requires crucial human intervention and innovation. Most institutions are still under the leadership of men who are already benefiting from this injustice this man have women as subordinates most agricultural societies, where we an increased need for labor (Taylor, 2003; Lerner, 1986). The other factor that is a challenge to anti-patriarchy group is the fact that society has made women’s reproductive capacities a commodity which was exchanged or acquired to strengthen families.
During the time when patriarchy was dominating women were considered powerful within their domestic roles. Which means their decision were limited to their role and less considered in all other social activities. This meant that women are still treated as subordinates to men in a meaningful social institution like the church, government society and their family.

Origin of western patriarchy.
Gerda Lerner (1986) mentioned that in global perspective, patriarchy has had many different origins. In all countries men always want to be superior by being

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