Patricia A. Fleming: The True Meaning Of Life

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The True Meaning of Life Many people struggle to find out what the purpose of life is. The poem "The True Meaning of Life" published July 8th, 2017 by Patricia A. Fleming possess a message about life. Patricia grew up in Trenton, New Jersey and was the middle child of three. While growing up, Patricia loved to write especially poems. Her love for writing continued throughout school, but later stopped to focus on her schooling to become a psychiatric social worker. Patricia worked as a psychiatric social worker for 36 years and was married to her job. When Patricia retired, she began writing poems again, and specifically focusing on poems about life because she wants to be inspirational to others. In "The True Meaning of Life", Fleming…show more content…
Everyone has a different meaning and purpose in their life. Fleming addresses her pure meaning to life throughout the last three stanzas (L: 33 to 44). Fleming loves reaching out to people and helping them, especially in her job as a social worker. The lines stating, "And how much I shared/ Of my soul and my heart" gave Flemings full emotions of her work. These lines had the full meaning that she poured her heart and soul into her job and life overall. As Fleming continued, she states "And what 's really important/ Is my opinion of me". These lines show that even if everyone else does not admire her for being fully connected and involved with her job, she knows that she is making a difference in peoples ' lives and that is all that matters to her. Even if others do not look up to her what she does, some may praise her for being fully involved with her work and caring so much for others that she inspires them. Within the poem, Flemings goal is to inspire others to be their own self even if others do not approve. Lastly, Fleming mentions "And how much more kindness/ And love I can show/ Before the Lord tells me/ It 's my time to go". By incorporating this, she conveys that she is going to keep doing what she loves and helping people until the day she dies. Fleming brings forth her meaning to life as her love to her job and helping others. Throughout "The True Meaning of Life", Patricia A. Fleming uses her life experiences to help others with their struggles, focus and view points, and purpose in life. Fleming heavily relates to real life by connecting to people 's feelings. By connecting to feelings, many can relate because many experience some of these emotions at some point in their life. Fleming has struggled like everyone else to find the meaning of life, and throughout her poem she develops the true
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