Patricia Recovery Essay

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On Oct. 20, a very powerful tropical cyclone named Patricia formed in the Western hemisphere. Patricia approached Mexico’s Pacific coast where thousands of people have been evacuated. This storm of Category 5 was catastrophic to Cuixmala in southwestern Mexico and caused sustained winds that devastated forests and significantly damaged Cuixmala. According to different sources, 6 people died during the disaster, and some people were seriously injured. However, the storm dissipated very quickly by Oct. 24. The total damage caused by Patricia is around $189 million. There are different charitable organizations that everyone may support to help Mexico recover from Patricia. First of all, AmeriCares ( that have sent disaster relief experts to Mexico accepts any donations that would go to cover medical aid and…show more content…
Anyone can get involved in helping Mexico through different options that are available on the website (volunteering, donations, fundraising projects, etc.) Moreover, MAP international ( will use all donations to ship medical supplies to Mexico. PCI ( gathers donations and use the money for emergency shelters, water, sanitation, and hygiene in Cuixmala. The Salvation Army ( accepts donations as well. The money will also be directed at meeting human needs in Mexico. Save The Children ( helps children during disastrous incidents happening in their countries. Anyone can also donate money there to support children who suffered from hurricane Patricia. Furthermore, the UNICEF ( also launched Children’s Emergency Fund to assist children not only with the humanitarian aid but also reunite them with their
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