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Patrick Floyd Jarvis Garrett, best known for killing notorious outlaw Billy The Kid. A man who was known throughout the wild west. Many saw pat not as a hero, but instead as the villain. This was just one of Pat’s unfortunate circumstances the plagued his life. I believe that Pat Garrett had many unfortunate events take place in his life that drastically changed his life forever. Patrick Garrett was born in Chambers County, Alabama June 5, 1850. His grandfather, whom he had been named after shared this name with him, but died shortly two years after Garrett's birth. His grandfather before his death had gifted him a rifle, saddle, and a bridle. Garrett's father, John Lumpkin Garrett, was married to Elizabeth Ann Jarvis. Together they …show more content…

His father's plantation would prosper and in 1860 census records would put his real estate and personal property at about fifty five thousand dollars at the time. Today this would be about fourteen million dollars. Most of John's wealth came from the thirty four slaves he owned. Patt lived a very comforted life as a child and as he grew older he found his first job in his father's plantation store. Most of this changed for the family in 1861 when the civil war broke out. Garrett's father was exempted from the war due to his powerful status. But lost most of his paid workers to the war. As the war progressed his father's ability to sell and transport his crops diminished. When the war finally ended in 1861 John Garrett would loses slave labor force. Thus strangling his business to the point of it completely being destroyed. As his father spiraled into a large amount of debt and drinking his health would deteriorate extraordinarily fast. Not long after this his wife Elizabeth would die on March 23 1867 at the age of thirty seven. For a year his father battled to maintain his livelihood and family, Then died on …show more content…

This was gang war created by the lack of law and a large amount of violence present in the region. With little to no money or supplies he would get a job immediately on a ranch. Garrett would eventually find different work. As the Lincoln county war continued, Patt would be 100 miles away with no part in the violence and getting married in 1879 to Juanita Martinez. Among the people at the wedding was William H. Bonney the very man that would gain Garrett's fame later on. Garrett's time with his wife would not last long. As for the unfortunate events in garrets life would continue his wife would collapse on the dance floor. She was carried to bed and would die a day later. Her legacy would die along with her as she had left no photos or children. Though Garrets mourning would not last long as he would marry Apolinaria Gutierrez within a year's time. Garret almost thirty years old was sick of his wage and criminals controlling the land. He decided to run for sheriff. Winning the position of sheriff in 1880 would be the beginning of Garrett's place in history. Garrett was eager and ready to stop the lawlessness that surrounded him. So before his term officially began the, old sheriff made him a deputy and let Garret take control. Moreover Garrett was granted the powers of a deputy Us Marshall. Garrett along with the rest of the marshals planned a raid on For Summer. They planned to

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