Patrick Henry And Trumbo Analysis

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Democracy has many shortcomings that restrict and prevent choice in individuals. Democracy is easily manipulated by governmental agencies, and democracy is no different from previous systems regarding popular repression. Patrick Henry and Dalton Trumbo successfully juxtapose the ideal image of democracy against its actual image through illustrative symbols. Both recognize that forces outside of the general public have shifted the democratic process to only support a plutocratic agenda. Unlike mainstream sources, Henry and Trumbo do not whitewash Western Democracy, instead, both focus on it’s negative aspects, and propose solutions for our ignorant, decadent society. Benito Mussolini once said, “Democracy is beautiful in theory; in practice it is a fallacy.” Democracy may have a veneer of “power from the peoples”, but in reality, democracy is used by the pauci electi to control the hoi polloi. Governmental…show more content…
Traditionally, with guarding a jewel, one would only send the “most able” and the most powerful to do the guarding. These “jewel guards” would gain more power over the jewel, and become gradually more and more suspicious of anyone “who approaches that jewel”, countering the original intent of democracy to be open for all. The elite’s monopoly of the jewel allow them to both manipulate the jewel and to utilize the love of this jewel to their benefit, shifting the democratic process to benefit them only. This can be better exemplified in Henry’s statement about the “most fearful situation, when the most contemptible minority can prevent the alteration of the most oppressive government”, with the rich despots continuing onto oppress the poor. The effect of the elite manipulating the poor can also be seen by Trumbo’s symbol of Joe’s body. Joe is “trapped in his own brain tangled in the tissues and
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