Patrick Henry Ethos In Speech To The Virginia Convention

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In Patrick Henry’s Speech to the Virginia Convention, the most effective mode was logos. Henry wants to convince the delegates from each colonie why they should fight for their freedom against the British. In his speech, he uses ethos, logos, and pathos, but to try and convince the audience, the delegates, he uses logos for all the reasonings that is happening in front of their faces, which seems like the people try to avoid the situation. As Henry reads his speech respectfully, he appeals to the audience with what is actually happening around them. He puts the British ministry on the spotlight to make the delegates open their eyes and do something to stop them. As Henry starts his speech, he approaches them with a serious visualization. “For…show more content…
Henry was done with all the begging for the British and all the lies that they have given to their citizens, saying that the British are their friends. But in reality the British ministry are not friends, allies, or companions with the colonies. They just want to take over. “We have petitioned; we have remonstrated; we have supplicated; we have prostrated ourselves before the throne….(Para.3, lines 48-50).” What Henry tries to explain is that they tried everything and have no other choice. He is frustrated that they are not doing nothing to stop this. He states that they tried to resolve it every other way. They had been doing the same strategies as to talk to them and get rejected to what they want or they just avoid the situation that is happening around them. As this appeals to the delegates, it gets to them that all the problems that they are facing have been in front of their faces. After realizing the conflict that they are facing, they notice that they do not have other choices but to fight and go to war against the British for what they want, which is
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