Patrick Henry Speech In The Virginia Convention Analysis

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Symbolism is a literary element commonly used by several authors to help represent a bigger picture. It can help the reader relate what the author is talking about to something more well known. In Patrick Henry’s speech, “Speech in the Virginia Convention”, Henry uses symbolism to help the listeners realize the negative actions and effects of Great Britain, and also to make them want to go to war. During the time Henry gave his speech, King George had just recently passed the Stamp Act. While giving the speech, Henry “stood in the vanguard of those calling for united action by all the colonies against British "tyranny"” (Foner & Garraty, 1991, n.p.). He was so unhappy with the actions taken by the king that he had very harsh things to say. In the middle of the speech, he told the listeners, “suffer not yourselves to be betrayed with a kiss” (Shakespeare, 1996, pp. 116).…show more content…
Henry went on to say that they had done everything possible to avoid going to war with Great Britain, but nothing worked. He stated, “we have done everything that could be done to avert the storm which is now coming on” (Shakespeare, 1996, p. 118), meaning that war was already here. This use of symbolism helped back up his statement saying that there was no other option other than to go to war. Henry hoped that seeing that there was no other option than war would make the listeners want to go and fight in a war against Great Britain. Henry’s use of symbolism helped raise the excitement of war between the colonies causing them to battle Great Britain. Because they went to war, the colonies finally gained their freedom and independance. Within Henry’s speech, the use of symbolism helps to show the colonists what negative events are really taking place. Symbolism can be found in several other speeches or writing pieces to help give something a greater
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